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We provide a variety of management services from start to finish, including budgets, timelines, fundraising, grassroots organizing and execution, direct mail, social media, and other aspects of the campaign process. 

Our services include:

  • campaign management

  • fundraising/fundraising compliance

  • field & GOTV strategy

  • paid canvass operations

  • political communications

  • phone banking

  • P2P texting

  • access to voter data and information

  • direct mail strategy

  • polling


Our team has helped many clients tell their stories and find meaningful ways to leverage media coverage as a marketing and sales tool.  We work to get the word out in a way that highlights what is different, innovative, and authentic. 

Our services include:

  • communications assessment

  • image & issues management

  • media engagement & reputation

  • corporate communications

  • crisis communications

  • writing & content creation

  • press release writing services


Our team has helped many clients navigate through various complex cultural issues in Hawaiʻi. We work with local organizations and businesses to promote  and normalize ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and Nā Mea Hawaiʻi in their day-to-day operations. 

We're grounded in the Hawaiian community and can help provide you with culturally grounded consulting services. 

Our services include:

  • Hawaiian community engagement

  • Hawaiian protocol consultation

  • Hawaiian language translation services

  • Hawaiian language training & consultation

  • Hawaiian leadership training & consultation

  • ʻĀina/land research

  • Home & business blessings


Our goal is to help you capture your audience’s attention, earn their loyalty, and move them to action. We'll help you enhance your digital media presence and get you noticed.

Our services include:

  • full-service social media management

  • social media advertising

  • web development

  • digital advertising strategies

  • photography

  • video production

  • email marketing

  • SMS marketing


Effective community relations are essential to our clients' success. To be credible, community relations strategies must reflect and respect how the local community operates and be tailored to each situation and location. Through an extensive network of personal relationships with community leaders across Hawaiʻi, we can help you generate effective proposals and strategies to build strong working relationships with communities.

Our services include:

  • creating and ensuring a continual relationship between clients and the local community, individuals, groups, and businesses; helping clients understand community landscapes and key stakeholders

  • developing and implementing a strategic plan to make clients' community involvement more effective

  • resolving conflicts with many community and civic stakeholders

  • identifying and utilizing opportunities for strategic community investment, philanthropy, issues advocacy, resource stewardship, and corporate responsibility

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